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Kenya Journal of Urology Vol 1 No 1

January 2022

Kenya Urology Journal

The Kenya Journal of Urology (KJU) will be published quarterly. The Editor-in-Chief is calling for manuscripts for consideration. All manuscripts submitted will undergo peer review so it’s advisable to submit them in good time. Manuscripts should be submitted to:


Prof Peter Mungai Ngugi  Nairobi, Kenya

Issue Editor

Dr Dedan Opondo  Kisumu, Kenya

Associate Editors

Prof Peter Larry Ndaguatha  Nairobi, Kenya
Dr Francis O Osawa  Nairobi, Kenya
Dr Aideed A Kahie  Nairobi, Kenya
Dr Samuel Kagiri  Nairobi, Kenya

Editorial Board Members

Dr Edward Mugallo  Eldoret, Kenya
Dr Pius Musau  Eldoret, Kenya
Dr Patrick Mburugu   Nairobi, Kenya
Dr Joshua Matu  Kitui, Kenya

Editor’s note

It was a great honor for the Kenya Association of Urological Surgeons (KAUS) to entrust our editorial board with the duty of publishing the Kenya Journal of Urology (KUJ) on behalf of the KAUS. The presence of many urologists in Kenya and the East African region and the establishment of urology as a discipline of surgery has helped us bring out this journal even though starting from scratch is always challenging.

We have started this journal at a time when medical publishing has become ever more scrutinized and the authors, editors and publishers need to scrutinize carefully what they put out there.

There is increased knowledge and use of methodology and statistics further enriching articles in every publication. Peer review is now a standard of production in all publications and ours will not be any different. It is the responsibility of authors and editors to use soft wares to identify plagiarism fabrication and deficiencies in honesty. We must ensure that ethical issues, conflict of interest are important considerations in our publications.

We have launched this journal knowing that there are challenges to overcome but we are confident that members of our society, students, researchers and our collaborators have trust in us. We shall run this journal in the most professional way and we shall be courageous enough as we introduce a culture of publishing amongst our members and promoting the seeking of knowledge processing it and distributing it for the improvement in the practice of urology.

Prof. Peter Mungai Ngugi Editor-in-Chief

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