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Kenya Journal of Urology Vol 1 No 2

September 2022

Kenya Urology Journal

The Kenya Journal of Urology (KJU) will be published quarterly. The Editor-in-Chief is calling for manuscripts for consideration. All manuscripts submitted will undergo peer review so it’s advisable to submit them in good time. Manuscripts should be submitted to:


Prof Peter Mungai Ngugi  Nairobi, Kenya

Issue Editor

Dr. Francis O Osawa  Nairobi, Kenya

Associate Editors

Prof Peter Larry Ndaguatha  Nairobi, Kenya
Dr Francis O Osawa  Nairobi, Kenya
Dr Aideed A Kahie  Nairobi, Kenya
Dr Samuel Kagiri  Nairobi, Kenya

Editorial Board Members

Dr Edward Mugallo  Eldoret, Kenya
Dr Pius Musau  Eldoret, Kenya
Dr Patrick Mburugu   Nairobi, Kenya
Dr Joshua Matu  Kitui, Kenya

Editor’s note

This is the second issue of the kenya journal of urology. The nine peer-reviewed articles in this issue are based on research in urology done mostly in kenya both adult and paediatric populations.

The journal accepts articles from researchers in the field of urology This publication shows how urology has now established itself as a speciality in the East African region.

A lot of the research is clinical work in the region that may provide information on decision making in patients who need urology care ranging from the undescended testis through testicular torsion to bladder cancer, urological laparoscopy. Case reports on surgical approaches to a number of pathologies provide insights to newer approaches urology.

A third issue of the journal will provide continued change in the art and science of urology with a regional emphasis.

Prof. Peter Mungai Ngugi Editor-in-Chief

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